Performance Package

From Gatorade® Thirst Quencher to Sports Fuel, equipment and more, we can provide products designed to help your team’s performance.

For a limited time, you can select Protein Bars as 2 different Options within a single Performance Package or Create Your Own Package.

G Prime Energy Chews

Gatorade Prime® Energy Chews

Built to adapt to your game, Gatorade Prime® Energy Chews let you call the shots when it comes to energy. Eat all six carb chews before training to prep muscles for action, or in the midst of competition to resupply fuel levels. Available in Fruit Punch and Cool Blue.

Nutrition Per Serving

Carbs (24g)

It takes a lot to sustain greatness. Muscles constantly churn through fuel, demanding more and more with every mile, rep and snap. Because your muscles break down carbs faster than they break down fats, carbs provide a faster, more efficient fuel for muscles engaging in sport.

Vitamin B6 (20% DV)

B vitamins are the ultimate team player. As part of a daily diet, they assist in breaking down carbs into fuel that muscles can readily use.

Calories (100)

They're not the enemy; they're your energy. Your body converts carbs (measured in calories) into the energy that your muscles need to fire properly.

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