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Rxgun active q pro 4 tips high intensity percussion massage gun

RxGun ACTIVE-Q Pro 4 Tips High-Intensity Percussion Massage Gun

Features and Benefits

This RxGun ACTIVE-Q Pro 4 Tips High-Intensity Percussion Massage Gun includes:

  • 3 Speeds gives you a choice of frequencies and amplitudes to find the relief needed for those stiff and sore muscles.
  • 90° Swivel Adjustable Massage Arm with 3 adjustable massage angles allow you to access the hard-to-reach spots by yourself.
  • 4 Interchangeable Tip Attachments allows you to target almost every body part.
  • High-Capacity, Rechargeable Internal Lithium 24v Battery that will give you more than 3 hours of constant run time. Comes with a Fast Charger Dock making charging easy and allowing for minimal down times.
  • The Compact and Lightweight Design and the “Constant on” trigger feature reduces fatigue and makes the RxGun ACTIVE-Q Pro super easy to use.
  • The Ergonomic Grip and Low Noise QUIETec Technology (60 decibels) provides a comfortable and quiet therapy experience.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty / 90-Day Battery Warranty give you peace of mind knowing your RxGun ACTIVE-Q Pro is reliable.


  • (1) RxGun ACTIVE-Q Pro Massage Gun
  • (1) Lithium Ion Battery (Internal)
  • (1) ACTIVE-Q Pro Fast Charing Dock (1 hour)
  • (1) Rubber Cone Trigger Point Tip
  • (1) Rubber Ball Comfort Tip
  • (1) Rubber Fork Specialty Tip
  • (1) Trigger Point Tip
  • (1) Owner’s Manual
  • (1) Storage Carrying Case ($50 Value)